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Managing Partner

“Nothing is more unsatisfying than strategies implemented differently than intended or those that remain unadopted by executives. Therefore, we support our clients in implementation, not just leaving them with concepts.”

Dr. Hagen Sexauer is a founding partner of the management consultancy Clavigo Partners with more than 14 years as a strategy consultant. He was previously in management consulting firms with international operations, most recently as Principal.

His work focuses on the development of new (online) business models, as well as, in the design of (digital) marketing and sales strategies; in particular the support for implementation of the developed strategies for corporations, SMEs and start-ups round out his consulting activities.

He loves new technologies, the online world and addressing digitization-related challenges for companies. In addition to classic management issues, he has a high affinity for “digital” projects. These include the development and implementation of (online) business models, as well as, projects in the mobile and social media environment.

Hagen Sexauer is a founder of DIGITAL HEROES, initiator of IDD – INITIATIVE DIGITISATION GERMANY and author of several management books.