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Managing Partner

“Listening creates understanding, observing builds relationships and in today’s highly competitive world your relationship with your customers doesn’t just help you SELL your competitive advantage — it IS your competitive advantage.”

Walter is a founding partner of Clavigo Partners specializing in Business Development enabling. Walter has been building and managing global teams for over 15 years as a global Director of Strategic Account Management and Sales. Teams under his direction have created partnership agreements in various industry segments and in dozens of countries across the globe.

Walter is currently a guest lecturer on International Sales, Strategic Account Management at Goethe Universität in Frankfurt where he is also an advisor in the ‘Unibator’; the University’s start-up incubator. Walter was selected to the Jury of the “Goethe University/Handelsblatt 2015 Innovations Award”

Walter earned a BS in International Business and European Studies from Missouri State University. He speaks native English and fluent German.